Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dixieland sushi

I just finished the book Dixieland sushi by Carrie Lockwood and I really liked it. I think the beginning was better than the ending but it an unique chick lit story about a Japanese American that grew up in the South. I really liked her little snippets about a lot of little things that she faced growing up. I could definitely relate to some of them. Like how she puts soy sauce on everything (she does so for even chicken). And she had really cute terminology for things like "AO" Asian Obsessed for guys who are obsessed with Asian culture and women. Reading the book makes me also want to go to Graceland because I have never been before!
But I don't know what the takeaway was maybe accept yourself for who you are.
I think it is rather funny that Aaron mentions Imitation crab because I have been eating that stuff all the time! I am obsessed. I am also eating a lot of honeydew watermelon. I don't know how to pick a good one though....


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