Wednesday, September 14, 2005

In God We Crust

I only devour the crust of things. Inside is too soft, too mushy. Fodder for the pidgeons. Currently into Whole Foods SEEDuction bread. Quite seedy. ;)
Drink of Choice: Metromint Water.
As for chocolate, the innerds maketh all the difference. Love dark chocolate truffles with nuts.
Which Chocolate Are You? I got Jennifer. Jennifer is waaay sweet. I want to try Jeanett and Elizabeth (not pictured). Oh Fritz!

Mini Signature Chocolates (1.9oz) Case Pack
Helena – coconut truffle (white chocolate)
Kelly – strawberry/ lemon-thyme (dark chocolate)
Madeleine – classic truffle (dark chocolate)
Carrie – mocha nougatine truffle (milk chocolate)
Jennifer – marzipan/pistachio truffle (dark chocolate)
Shuk – dark rum/honey and orange (milk chocolate)
Donna – blackcurrant (dark chocolate)
Jeanett – mint (white chocolate)
No mo' tennis. Almost no mo' INXS. What to watch? Apprentice of course!! This time around, the women seem to outshine the men.
Marty was the top dog!! Poor Susie Gone. Bye bye!! Methinks JD is going to win. Marty is my favorite but I really think that JD fits the band more. More moldable. Let's see if I am right.
Watched a tad bit of "The Biggest Loser" yesterday. Heartwrenching to say the least. NBC was in poor form to let them go for 30 minutes in a room full of junk food. Not nice!!
Reason for obesity in America? Lack of portion control. Whenever I travel, I am always struck by the petite size of things. Bigger doesn't always equal better.
Finished _A Secret Word_ (Jennifer Paddock). Rather liked it. Holden Caulfiedish mood in a rather contemporary setting. Quick read.
Going to read Frommer's London Travel Guide next. I think learning more about the country will make the experience richer. See, I am growing up. Travel is not just about eating & shopping!
Trivia of the Day: What did Alfred Hitchcock use as substitute for blood in the movie "Psycho?"
(Yesterday's Answer: 100 Years of Solitude)


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