Sunday, September 18, 2005

Mind Meanders

_To Have To Hold_ (Jane Green) lovely book. Ok more chick lit.
Rather in a pensive mood. Probably because I am feeling quite under the weather today. I vow to treat myself better. I will start with a cold glass of diet sunkist!!
Nothing like reading about fashion and gossip to spice things up:

1) Renee & Kenny Chesney get marriage annulled due to "fraud." What are the grounds of "fraud?" Perhaps she married him, wanting kids and maybe he can't have any? That sounds fraudulent enough to me.
2) Kate Moss is a crack whore. There are pictures to prove it. Grow up!!
Britney Spears on the cover of Oct Elle made me smile. Not because of her. Because they made her look so stunning!! Elle is clearly a top notch magazine of beauty. Will read it more often.
Polo's logo on shirt is HUGE! I prefer lacoste.
Product Note: I switched to Arm & Hammer's Baking Soda toothpaste and it is like ultra nasty taste-wise but it really whitens and brightens. Bleh to taste! Yay to Zing!!
Sometimes I feel like there are so many thoughts to put down but when I face the screen, not much of it comes out. I guess because thoughts go by once, so fleeting that the chance to capture it is lost. Or because the mind's memory is amazingly fragile. Or maybe because I am a lazy dumb ass. Yeah, that could be it. ;)
Trivia of the day: How many shapes of pasta are there?
(Yesterday's answer: Chocolate)


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Five billion.

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