Sunday, August 28, 2005


Sunday is all about the NYTimes, a big vat of coffee and perhaps some tidying up. G swings by early to pick up something and brought a copy of the Sunday Times. She still has time to go to church and will buffet later. What a religious, multitasking gourmand.
On the cover of the Book Review section Jay McInerney writes about Indecision, the very book I came across yesterday. Says great but ending drags. Wedding Crashers was like that too. Title refers to the "coming of age" of something. But to me it just sounds smelly.
Jay-Z on the cover of Arts & Leisure section. Talks about Def Jam. I production assisted on his "Excuse me Miss" video and he struck me as a quiet man. He requested Cheese Factory and Hennessy. Kept watching the LA Lakers game. In the article, he says he would like to settle down with Beyonce soon. Egad!! >:O
I love things when they are at two states: either new or done. New stuff signifies a fresh beginning, doing away with something gives me a sense of accomplishment. Life ain't about the journey. That is just a middling state of being.
Laundry today. Bane of my existence. I live on the fifth floor. I wonder how my neighbors do it. Alas, it must be done cuz I have no shorts!! Well, quite chilly today so sweats are apt.
Trivia of the day: What is Jay-Z's real name?


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Sean Carter

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