Sunday, November 20, 2005

Movies of the Week

Pride & Prejudice

Must See. Sure it is romantic but very witty. Keira Knightley really held her own even vis a vis Grand Dame Judy Dench. Some complain that this Darcy is no Colin Firth, but he definitely played the role well and really gave good chemistry. Bingleys were a cute side story. Up there with the Producers.


Though few words pass between Mirabelle and Roy Porter, Claire Danes and Steve Martin bring complexity to the characters through emotion and things that went unsaid. I felt a loss at the end and that is not a great feeling to round out the evening. Rental.


Blogger aaron said...

I finally saw 40 Year Old Virgin this evening. It was very funny. Sweet, too. Thumbs up from me. I also watched documentary about The Clash. It was also very good.

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