Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Life as We Know It

Rio is now really old. He had to wear a boy kimono for his birthday.

I have been eating yogurt relentlessly in the interminable pursuit for youth and good health. I have also been eating ryvita fruit crunch. ( It is yum and on sale at Whole Foods. Aaron hopes that my diet will not give me scurvy. Blasted, methinks I am a pirate. ARRRR!
Since I am again bored of my movies/art/book of the week, I will start writing my thoughts again. Oh the inconstancy! I miss jibber jabber.
But I must say that the respite from writing was good for me. Thanksgiving was big ass pie event. I made pumpkin pie which turned out to be same cost-wise as buying a pie at Whole Foods. If life was a Mastercard commercial:

Pie Crust: $2.39
Canned Pumpkin: $1.50
Alice as wannabe Martha: Priceless
The respite has extended to other areas of my life. My first time at the gym in a long time. I forgot my headphones so I didn't catch who won on The Biggest Loser. I am really excited about the Bachelor in Paris. Nothing can beat meshing my two loves together: France and reality TV. Oo laa laa. I have no idea who win ANTM or on Trump's Apprentice.
I also stopped drinkiing coffee. I am big on tea now. I love Earl Grey and Chai. Has anyone ever had Twinings Lady Grey? How is it? Any other suggestions for tea?

Teahee Teahee. :)


Blogger blaterer said...

I'm so excited that you are sticking with the yogurt!!! Have you settled on a favorite brand or flavor yet? Chai and Earl Grey are my favorites too... although I doubt I'm as learned in the subtleties (spelling?) of the different brands as you are.

11:42 AM  

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